Is this a molt or disease?

Bocktobery 10

10 Years
Oct 8, 2010
I am not really sure what a molt is supposed to look like. Lets just say I suspect that is what is going on. I have checked for hits and have never found anything even remotely moving on any of my hens. I also use D.E. in the coop bedding. I free range my hens and feed them Purina layer crumbles, oats, and some corn.

I have a 2 year old Buff Orpington hen, whom about two weeks ago started to hang out in the coop all day long- something unusual for her. I had thought she was just molting as I see new feathers starting to come in, but I am concerned because she has lost quite a bit of weight. Also her feathers- the ones that just came in I suspect, are not formed properly. The feather itself is long, but there is no barb... just a shaft. There might be some barb sparsely here and there and at the tip of the feather itself, but in-between there is nothing but a long quill shaft- I think that is what you would call it. I am also concerned because when I watched her back feathers come in, right before the feather shaft would appear, she would have large red bumps that looked painful. Sometimes I would see blood at the tip of the shaft that just appeared. Is this normal?

I have another hen who is currently ill and Its been suggested to me it might be mareks- So I'm a bit concerned here that I might be dealing with something here.

There is also a slight possibility that my hen just doesn't want to be out with the rooster. She is my largest hen and he's a big guy who tends to go for her the most. My hens seem a bit stressed when he is around, so it might be him that she wants to get away from also.

Thanks in advance for any replies...
chickens do lose weight when they molt, and the new feathers that just start to come in first look like a straight pin/quill(not sure what to call it). if u could post a picture, it might help.

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