Is this a moult or an illness?

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    Jul 17, 2010
    I recently traded for an 8 month old Barred Rock, and I'm worried about her. I've had her for a week, and since I got her, she's had a red, completely naked butt (No fuzzy feathers at all), no tail, no flight feathers, and the last segment of her wings is naked. The last wing joint is also naked. My birds hate her and bully her when they're confined to the run (maybe an hour every day), and Stop-Pick isn't working at all. Also, her butt is dripping white pasty poop, no matter how many baths she gets, and it drips a clear liquid too. No eggs so far, but if she's moulting I wouldn't expect it.
    Is this a normal moult?? The previous owner said he'd bring me a different bird if it wasn't working out, should send her back? She's incredibly friendly but I don't want a sick bird!
    She's been eating grower and lots of fruits and veggies, and I add a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar to their water. She dust bathes regularly and naps in the sun near another bird. It's been around 60-70 here lately. Help?
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    Sounds like she is picked on, and also that you integrated to the flock already, which is usually a big no-no on biosecurity, as anything the new bird had, your whole flock now has. Hopefully it is nothing serious.
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    I don't have much experience with chicken illnesses, but it sounds like a few problems.

    The clear soft is probably egg white from an egg that broke inside her (had one do that but it cam out on its own) that would also make her poo runny.
    The feather lose could be molting, it could also be mites.
    The swollen red behind could mean an infection.

    If the seller is offering to replace if something goes wrong then they probably knew before they sold the chicken that something was wrong, I have sold sick and healthy chickens, and if the chicken is well I don't offer an exchange, although if it is sick I do tell the new owner and offer to help care for it, and I never charge money for a sick chicken.
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    Jul 17, 2010
    I already checked her over and didn't find any evidence of mites. Her bottom isn't swollen, just red and totally naked. I had told the previous owner that she was being picked on, and that's why he offered to give me another - hopefully a different bird would get along better with them? I might just swap for another so that she's not getting beat up by my girls!
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    If she is being picked on and not moulting then simply spray the exposed area with blue kote and they'll leave her alone - guaranteed! I have had similiar problems in the past...and i agree w/a previous's always best to keep newbies separated for 2-3 weeks before introducing to an existing flock. we've used chicken wire w/in the coop and/or run so that everyone can see each other and then when ready move the newbie in at night and simply put her on the roost. spray a little cologne over everyone is helpful too. good luck

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