Is this a potential broody? (PIX)

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  1. My sweet, sweet EE has been spending a lot of time on the nest lately. There's a golf ball in there left over from when I was "encouraging" them to start laying and the other day I noticed her rolling it beneath her to lay on.

    I repeated the experiment and she did it twice more:




    She will sit on her own eggs and those that the other two hens have laid. I remove them from beneath her and then she will eventually leave the nest so it hasn't become a problem. But it leads me to wonder - IF I were crazy enough to get a few fertile eggs from someone, WOULD she be a possible candidate for a broody?

    Since I lost a chicken on Christmas Day, three hasn't seemed like quite enough - I would love to have a Silkie and a D'Uccle - would they be accepted by the standard-size chickens if they were hatched by one of them?

    Is it more trouble than it's worth?
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  2. CoopCrazy

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    She looks to me like she is contemplating going Broody.. Once you get the growl and The STink eye.. Then youi know she is.. I would leave either the ball or a few eggs under her for a few days and see what she does.. As far as Integrating .. Sadly my lone Bantie gets beat up quite a bit by the big girls..
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    My "normal" hens do that all the time. Most never go broody. It's just a natural chicken thing to roll eggs under her. That said, when she quits going to roost at night and sits most of the day, just getting off once or twice, she may be broody. I do have broodies who never growl at me at all, though they will at other hens.

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