Is this a prolapse? (Photo)

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  1. timebider

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    May 13, 2016

    I'm still a newbie and have never seen anything like this. She was standing hunched outside, straining periodically. I brought her in to keep the others from pecking at her and for treatment; am I right to assume this is a prolapse? Thanks!!
  2. timebider

    timebider Out Of The Brooder

    May 13, 2016
    bathing her and discovered an egg stuck partway out. Help?
  3. oldhenlikesdogs

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    Jul 16, 2015
    central Wisconsin
    Yes that looks like a prolapse. I haven't had any luck fixing them and I end up culling.

    Supposedly soaking and than pushing the prolapse back in with a gloved finger and using preparation H can possibly work. She may continue to push it out, so push it back in. Eventually it will stay in or it won't.

    Try to clean out as much egg as possible and try not to damage the tissue which can make it near impossible to heal.
  4. PapaBear4

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    Feb 25, 2014
    Sounds like egg bound! There's a few on here that have been through that before. I'm not one of them however.
    From what I can remember from some other posts let her sit in some nice warm water to keep the tissues soft. Pulling it out can be risky because the shell can break inside and cause further problems. Better to let her work it out on her own. Then follow the prolapse advise above. Unfortunately once this has happened it is more likely to happen again. Keep a close eye on her.

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