Is this a rooster?


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Apr 25, 2012
Hello, I was hoping someone could please help me. My son (12) has a chicken that he loves dearly. They even do homework together! :D
The chicken is almost two months old and an Easter Egger. My worry is if it is a rooster. My son already had to give up one cockerel, and this one well I know he will be heartbroken if he has to give one up again. I got pictures of his chicken on my foto album here ("almost two months old") and I am confused as to how load them on here. Could someone please have a look?
BTW, the last chicken picture there, they are best buddies. Take one away and the other one will start raising a ruckus! :)
Oh boy. :( How sure are you? I am not trying to doubt you, I am just so torn having to tell him.
Thank you so much for looking.
I believe the bird in question is a rooster. The last one in that picture grouping is a pullet.

Ee's are notoriously hard to sex but I think I've read that the black and white color pattern is generally a male color. Could be wrong about that. The legs on that bird are quite large but mostly it's that red comb. My ee didn't get any color or size to her comb at all until just before she started to lay at about 23 weeks old.

Do you live where you are not allowed to have roosters?
Thank you so much for looking.

I live in a area where roosters are not allowed eventhough I can hear one in the distance. Before we bought our chickens we notified our neighbors and they made it clear roosters would not be appreciated.

We are looking to move to a more rural area but that could still be one or two years away. If it was for me I'd keep him. He is so darn sweet. He has crooked toes and can be quite clumsy but he gets around beautifully.

I am so torn as to what to do now.
EE's are nearly always sex-linked by colour, and yours has a colour most often seen in boys. That fact + his comb = 100% no doubt in my mind a rooster.

I'm very sorry :( I have an EE rooster that is 12 weeks old that doesn't even have a comb that red...

BTW: I feel your pain about moving.. I just moved because of my chickens. Like you - that was one or two years in the future. No bilaws is just as bad as if there were bylaws. There is room for argument, and I lost that one.. If you are zoned for residential - you are subject to rules.

Sigh.. So glad I'm finally rural.. Hope you can do it soon too!
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Well that's crummy. I have a son the same age, feel's the same way about his chickens. Do you know anyone who could take him for you until your able to keep him? You could try what some folk's on here have done, keep him in the garage or other building at night and keep him in until mid morning to cut down on the crowing. Problem is, if he's like most roosters he'll keep on crowing randomly during the day. Especially if another roo can be heard in the distance.

You could keep him for now and see how things go. Some roo's are quieter then others.
My rooster (barred rock) crows constantly. Neighbours would not appreciate it. Thing is, now that I am in a rural setting, even if they don't appreciate it - there is nothing they can do.

I can't imagine a flock without my roosters :( Maybe you can keep him.. It takes a while for complaints to be processed. From first complaint we had 5 months after that.. Thing is, you may have to get rid of your entire flock if you do that..

Your poor son. Anyway that a couple of new pullets would cheer him up? Not saying that replacing an animal is the answer, but it helps distract from the pain a bit.
Ah man! It SUCKS being the bearer of bad news. My son is in tears. My youngest son (9) told him he'd give him his pullet. The last one in the album grouping. How sweet is he? I am all chocked up about it. I think the best bet is to find someone close to us that would be willing to make a foster trade type thing for us. Since keeing him in our garage is out of the question. Too many tools, my hubby is a contractor.
Darn! I am tryping this with tears in my eyes

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