Is this a silkie thing, or are they ill?


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May 20, 2008
I have 3 silkies- they are just about 8 weeks old ( wow, 8 weeks- that went fast).
Anyway, I noticed they bob their heads, almost in a circular motion. They will just be standing there normal, do the head bob thing, and then go off running. I noticed 2 of the 3 will do this every so often. But then again, I have also seen these two silkies all of a sudden jump straight in the air chasing dust. LOL I can't wait to see them in the rain.
So, is the crcular head bob a silkie thing? Or do I have "special" babies?
When you see the "short bus" pull up infront of your house, then you'll know you have special silkies..
sorry couldnt help it-my silkies are funny like that too-I do have one with wry neck right now so im treating that-the rest are all chest bumping and chasing eachother being totall goofballs!
Mine did this too until I did a trim job so they could see better, gently pulled feathers around their eyes. Rain is not good for silkies, they dont seem to know it though and will stay out forever when all the others go inside.
Just to be sure, you might search for "wry neck" and put them on some vitamins. Can't hurt, might help.
I had a chick with wry neck before so I know it isn't that. It doesn't seem to be a neck problem, I was thinking neurological, which made me suggest they might be "special".
I know with chickens we tend to be like first time mothers, worrying about every little thing. I am not really worried, as they act -well, I can't say "normal" with those, so I will say "healthy"
Hmm maybe they need eyeglasses, and the circular head bob is their way of trying to get things in focus..
I do think the silkies have the most character of any other chicken. They are definately funny.
Another silkie question- are they all motor mouths? my small one is constantly chattering- the other talks some, but she is continually muttering about things....
LOL, I have noticed that also. But they have the cutest little voices- they don't sound like chickens. It's not a peep, either. it's- different

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