Is this a White Jersey Giant


8 Years
Jul 5, 2011
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back in early april, i purchased 3 silver laced wyandotts and 1 white jersey giant from the feed store
-or so i was told

but now i am not so sure what breeds i got

here they are a few weeks old
the yellow one with white wings on top is the white jersey giant
the gray one with white wings on the bottom is the silver laced wyandotts

here they are at about 8 weeks
the one with the yellow legs is supposed to be the white jersey giant
the one with the gray legs is supposed to be the silver laced wyandotts

what breeds did I get??
I'm puzzled by the white legs on the possible Jersey. Both black and white Jerseys should have black or dark green legs. Look at pictures on the Cackle Hatchery web site. They show actual chickens, not paintings.
I have a blue splash jersey giant that has white legs. The hen has black legs with yellow feet. So maybe not all of them have black legs?

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