Is this an Australop Roo? PIC HEAVY

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    He/She is about 3 weeks old. 3 of the 6 are all the same height.. of those 2, two look like this.. their tails are LONG and stick a bit up. The third tall one has all down still and no feathers..

    The other 3 have as many body feathers, shorter tails and are smaller in stature..


    If so, how are they temprament wise? I'm really nervous about having a Rooster.. with kids.. and free range chickens.. it's freaking me out..
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    The picture is showing up a little blurry for me. I've heard one way to tell a roo is to look at the hackle feathers (Right behind the neck), they say if those are pointy its a roo. Also the tail feathers are more pointed than a hen, supposedly.
  3. I added more pics, hopefully they are clearer..
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    3 weeks is still a bit too early but mine did look a lot like that when he was that age. Temperment varies a lot on the individual bird and line they come from. Some roosters are pure evil while others a big babies. There's no telling until they mature. I think the sex will become a lot more apparent over the next couple weeks.

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    Here's my Australorp hen at 4 weeks, far right. We thought she was a roo for sure!


    and a week or two later

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