Is this angel wing?


Dec 29, 2020
London, Ontario
Is this angel wing?

my little one is just about 4,5 weeks old and her* Wings have looked wonky for a couple weeks. I thought it was just the adult feathers coming in but they look different than my other little duckling Who are you can see in the video who’s pokey wings are more tucked behind the new adult feathers coming in & less sticking out. They are both on the exact same diet and getting the same amount of exercise etc. So I’m not sure what this is and how to fix it so please any tips😭


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It looks like it might be. I have seen similar things in my ducklings and wrapped them. What I have done is wrap the wing with vet wrap in the correct folding position, and then wrap around the duck's body securing the wing to it's body. The tricky thing is, you want to wrap it right enough to stay, but not too tight that they squeezed. I only keep the wrapping on at night and take it off in the morning if they still have it on. I re-wrap it every night until it is folding normally again. You could probably wrap it longer, but you don't want it on all day since they are still growing feathers and need to strengthen their wing muscles.
oh shoot I thought it posted as a video instead. let me add some more. I have been wrapping it but letter her swim every couple days & taking it off. just then. its looking a little better but just looks droopy I guess? & its on both wings & she kind of does a little wiggle to pull them up every couple seconds. one is quite a but lower than the other but doesn't stick out like angel wing but im not sure??
Ok thank you good to know - my poor girl I feel so bad that her wing must be hurting :'-(
Angel wing actually is more of a cosmetic issue for domestic ducks than it is with wild ducks since it is not painful, but does impair future flight capabilities. When a ducks wings droop like your duck's it is because the wings are growing faster that the duck can keep up with which causes them to become too
heavy for the duck to hold them up. In the past I would use 1" wide vet wrap and wrap the wing individually then I would take the vet wrap again and gently wrap the banded wing to the ducks body to act as a sling. If you have never used vet wrap to wrap a wing before think of it like tightening a dog's collar, you want it tightened enough that it doesn't come off, but you still want to be able to be able to fit two fingers underneath. I've always done it this way as the individual wrap it so the wing stays in a closed fixed position and then the sling helps distribute and better support the weight. Changing the wraps daily is also highly recommended to make sure that the ducks wing hasn't moved into malposition and to account for a ducklings rapid growth.

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