Is this Angel Wings pic included


8 Years
May 15, 2011

Got two new muscovies yesterday approx 4 mths old and noticed as soon as got this one drake out of box he had problem with wings although when he stretches them out they look fine, but this is how he looks when relaxed. Is he to old to try wrapping the wing down?
That does look like angel wing to me. We had an african goose with the same problem on one wing at a young age, but didn't recognize what it was until he was 3-4 months old. We took him to an avian vet, who tried wrapping - left it wrapped for 2 weeks. The vet said sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but it's worth a try. In our case, wrapping didn't do the trick. We considered surgery, but the vet said just to keep the feathers on the wing tips (3 or 4 longest ones) trimmed back so the wing itself isn't injured further by the weight of the feathers and so that other geese (or ducks, in your case) couldn't pull on those feathers and do more damage to the wing.

I hope wrapping works for your muscovies, but just know that it's not catastrophic if it doesn't work. It doesn't really affect the duck's behavior or function.

BTW, the vet said this is usually the result of feeding rations too high in protein at a young age. Live and learn.

Good luck...and, congrats on your new additions!!
Angel wing for sure. Chixaddict has given good advice. I'd say that it's unlikely that wrapping will help because your duck is a bit older, but it is still worth a try.

If it doesn't work I'd trim the wing feathers too - cut the feathers off close to the base (just leaving bits of the feather shaft) as this will be the least annoying to the bird. Looks neater too than cutting the feathers halfway :)

You have a nice looking duck there! :)
Too old to be wrapped, don't frustrate yourself or him by doing it. It won't hurt him, but is just unpleasant to look at for you. After molts (when the blood in the feathers recedes) you can trim them back some.

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