Is this article a "fail" or just my eyes???

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    Oct 9, 2010
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    Quote:It is perfectly true, it does not say that Silkies have rose combs, it says: Pure Silkie chicks will have proper Silkie combs. The responsible gene is:

    Rose comb: R
    this does not mean that they have rose combs it means that the Silkie comb is genetically a rose comb with one pea comb gene. I have one Silkie rooster that is lacking the one pea comb gene needed for an ideal comb and consequently has a rose comb.
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    Fibromelanosis is a domiant gene but is not sex linked. It is the alleles dermal melanin and dermal melanin inhibitor that are sex linked. Light skinned birds have the dominant allele dermal melanin inhibitor while males with dark skin have two dermal melanin alleles and dark skinned females will have one dermal melanin allele. Dark skinned birds have at least one fibromelanosis gene.

    Why would a person want to sex-link silkies? It defeats the purpose of having dark skin in both male and females.

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    The purpose of the article was discussing how to identify accidental "oops" chicks as young birds. I'll contact Alan and ask him to correect the article--I think it is accurate except for naming the wrong gene.

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