Is this blood?

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    Hi, new to chickens and the board. I picked up 3 chicks from a local farm a couple days ago, although I believe he got them from an online hatchery. They are 2 weeks old. All chicks are eating, drinking, and acting normally. Our Easter egger chick just had this weird looking poop. Is this blood or is it normal? They are eating the nutrena chick starter feed. My 7 year old is already so attached to this chick so I hope she's going to be okay. [​IMG]
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    My chicks often have blood in their poop at that age. I'm still not sure why but It always clears up and the chickens are fine. There isn't much blood in that poop so I'm sure your chick will be fine.

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    From now on until they are about a few months old they will be building up a resistance to coccidia organisms in their poop and in the soil. If you notice more blood or runny mucus in the poops, and anyone is acting lethargic, standing around hunched or puffed up, and not eating normally, then you can get some Corid powder or liquid to medicate the water for 5-7 days. Coccidiosis can kill or may lower their immunity in the future. Dosage is 1 1/2 tsp of the powder or 2 tsp of the liquid Corid per gallon of water. All chicks should be treated at the same time, and it is not harmful ro them or an antibiotic. An occasional red spot in the poop can be normal intestinal shed.

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