Is this Blue or Powder Blue?? Updated at 7 weeks old !!


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Oct 23, 2009
Central Alabama
Hi everyone -- I know there are a couple of people with the blue and rare powder blue sebbies. Does anyone have a picture of theirs as a gosling or can tell me if this guy is a

blue or possibly powder blue saddleback? He's up front--much more silvery than his grey saddleback hatchmates but with the tell tell dark markings on his bill. Any help greatly

appreciated! Parents are most likely blue splash sebastopol gander by either a grey saddleback or white (carrying buff) goose.

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HI Kim,
I may be a Blue Saddleback. The Powder Blues I have had are very light colored and remind me of lavender color as babies. I have not had very many and have had my colored birds for 8 years. Are one of the parent a blue or blue saddleback?
HI guys and THANK YOU!! Why didn't BYC send me the notifies that you were kind enough to reply? I have a blue splash gander and 2 grey saddleback girls and a buff saddleback girl. I had another odd color hatch and will post pics when I get home. Similar to this guy, but the bill color is more lavendery. Maybe the buff goose decided she wanted a change and dumped her white curly guy for the blue splash? It was so hot that I turned their pens together by the time these eggs were laid

Ok, changed notifications preference AGAIN!

Jenifer, do you happen to have a picture of one of your powder blues as a gosling?
GAH!! Well, it notified me that you replied so maybe I got it this time??

Anyway, here is the 2nd youngster in question and a side by side of both of them...

And both of them:
OK-- so she has some feathering now. The gosling on the right turned out white. Here are pics of the other baby. Guessing she's blue saddleback, but she seems lighter than my Blue Americans?? anybody?


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