Is this bumble foot or something else?


5 Years
Mar 10, 2018
Maynard, MA
Hi Everyone,
I'm first time duck parent to 2 pekin drakes. I adopted them about a week ago. Lurking on this site for the last few months has helped greatly in making their new home great.
I believe they are brothers and get along very well, except for nipping each other over who gets to use their tiny pool first. (I have another bigger one on the way)
One has scab like things on his feet, mostly on the sides. It's not stuck on poop or dirt, I checked yesterday. They may have always been there and I've searched extensively for pictures of bumble foot, and could not find any that looks just like this. Of course it's the more skittish of the two. I will try to get a better picture when I have someone to take it while I hold him. Here's the best picture I could get. He has no problems walking, and running and does not seem to be in pain.
It doesn't quite look like bumble foot, possibly a scab from just a scrap, but those are what turn into bumble foot so I would just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't develop into something.
I will keep an eye on it. I didn't know if it was from walking on all the crusty snow we've had, or maybe it always looked like that. He's had no trouble walking. Thanks so much for your replies.

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