Is this bumblefoot or just an injury?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Rozenkruetz, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Rozenkruetz

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    Oct 19, 2015
    One of my ducks (a gold harlequin) was lightly limping, which has happened before and was fixed with some brewer's yeast, but this time it became worse and when I checked she had a black scab a little under a quarter of an inch on her foot, there was no swelling and the area wasn't warm. After reading many threads on BF I gave her a warm Epsom soak and peeled the scab off. There wasn't any puss (when squeezed a little blood came out) and I couldn't see anything in the wound so I put some Iodine on it, wrapped it up and contained her. Would this be early bumblefoot or is it just that she may have injured her foot somehow? I have some terra-vet 10 antibiotic that I can give her but I haven't found anything on dosing or if its used for BF. I would have taken a picture but she was already very displeased with this treatment and trying to operate a camera while holding her wasn't going to work, I'll try again later though. Any help would be appreciated. On a positive note the other ducks go over and check on her frequently so she isn't too lonely.
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    Welcome to BYC @Rozenkruetz it maybe you caught it before it turned into bumble foot. Which is great and sound like she is on the road to healing. I don't think at this point I would use any antibiotics, if when you pulled off the scab it is open I'd continue to keep it wrapped till the wound is healed. Instead of clear iodine though I'd use some kind of antibiotic ointment /with out pain relief. Sounds like your doing an awesome job.
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  3. Rozenkruetz

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    Oct 19, 2015
    Thank you for the advice, I'll give that a try and see how it goes. I have read about preventing bumblefoot in chickens but a lot of that was avoiding moisture which isn't going to fly with my ducks, is there anything you do preventative wise?
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    I agree with Miss Lydia's advice.

    For prevention - ideally, keeping them off of rough surfaces, away from thorns and splinters, and keeping their environment clear of standing water. I don't mean a puddle here or there, but sometimes there are puddles that don't drain, even overnight, and they breed a lot more bacteria than the standard duck yard.

    I use smooth pea gravel under the swim pans and they have a nice soft mulchy-composty bedding in the day pen. I have this theory that healthy microbes help prevent the overgrowth of problem microbes. So I try to keep the base material in the day pen smelling like good soil. I add chopped straw and occasionally use a cultivator to turn it, and the ducks do their fair share of maintenance, drilling in it looking for worms.
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