Is this bumblefoot or something else?


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I'm still fairly new to backyard chickens. I just recently added a friends 6 chickens to my flock of 2, since I have lost 4 other birds to a hawk attack and my neighbor's dog.

My birds have always been healthy, so when I saw this on one of the new birds I got a week ago, I wasn't sure what it was. Most of the pictures I have seen online of bumblefoot appear more severe then what this looks like. I asked the previous owner if she noticed this, but said that she hadn't noticed anything. The chicken doesn't seem to have any difficulty walking, doesn't appear in any pain, and when I have touched the spot, she doesn't react. There is a spot on each one of her feet. Any suggestions on what this is and how to treat?

It looks like bumblefoot, but I've never seen it involving only the web of the foot. The upper part of the foot looks like it has infection in there. I might try soaking it a few times in warm epsom salts, and watch it to see if it worsens. Tricide Neo is an online fish product that some recommend for soaking to prevent the surgery. Bumblefoot surgery is not that difficult, and I would probably go ahead and do it. Also, it looks like you have the start of scaly leg mite since the scales on the leg look a bit raised. Once a week apply vegetable oil, vaseline, or castor oil to the legs and rub it in well. You might check the others also. Here is a link for you: and
I didn't notice the scales....I'll have to get some vaseline and start that right away. Her pad doesn't appear swollen in person, I was pushing up on her foot to get a good view of the bump. I'm going to start the soaks for sure. I have seen some video's of the surgery, and I'm sure I could do it without problem since I'm a nurse, but I would like to avoid anything invasive if at all possible.

I know that mites can spread, and I am going to dust the coop with diatomaceous earth today to make sure there isn't anything in there. Is bumblefoot something that can spread to the other hens?

Thanks for the info!!
Well, looks like I have 2 chickens with this. I soaked them both in warm epson salt and all I had to do was squeeze the dark scab looking thing and it all came out without a problem. There isn't any additional swelling in the area or near the pad...although on the 2nd chicken, there may be a spot on the pad of her foot that I'm going to keep an eye on. Otherwise, there was no open wound underneath or anything. I will probably continue to soak their feet and keep an eye on them to see if it comes back. Here are pictures of what came out.

Wow, that sounds like it was the easiest case of bumblefoot surgery, LOL. I would look all the new chickens over for lice and mites especially around the vent area next to the skin. DE really doesn't do much. Permethrin (Permectrin II) and 5% Sevin dust are good for dusting and spraying the coop and nest boxes. I'm a nurse, too, and even I get a little queasy doing bumblefoot surgery. I leave it alone until they limp or it gets red or swollen.
I'll have to pick up some of the dusting stuff you mention above. I've read that ivermectin works for mites as well, but I don't want to have to do that unless absolutely needed. I don't get many eggs at this point, and I don't want to throw them out. But if it comes to it, that's what will happen. Not sure how long I'd have to toss out the eggs though.

Thanks for all your help.

And yeah, it was nasty squeezing those plugs out...very stinky as well! LOL!

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