Is this Bumblefoot?


7 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Please take a look at my picture, I think my chicken has bumblefoot? I have soaked it the past two days and Epsom salt and coating it with nearest Sporan and wrapping it with co-band. What do you chicken experts recommend,it is hard already.
it looks to be a "crud ball" if i have a few hen who get them often all you need to do is "pop" it out its a little pocket filled with dirt and poo... they can get really impacted so if it hasn't been done regularly you may need to dig the dirt out but if you maintain it they pop out pretty easily.
do you have a pic of the underside of her foot?
No I do not I do not believe there was anything on the underside of her foot the last couple of days but I will check if it looks like something suspicious I’ll take a picture thanks for your help
Thanks, it was a crud ball! How do I get that big hole to heal so it will not keep happening?
I haven’t ever managed to keep a bandage on my hens foot for longer than one afternoon but it’s all ways healed nicely ..
2 person job, one holding one cutting ..
I use a disposable scalpel ,
clean foot thoroughly,
make Smallest incision possible ..squeeze out yuck..
I use burts bees resq ointment . Cover :fl
Start hen on 3 hepar sulphuris tablets daily for 5 days .
Then daily I clean and reapply ointment ..never had a problem with healing with this or bumble foot using this simple method ..

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Thanks, it was a crud ball! How do I get that big hole to heal so it will not keep happening?
So glad it was just that... a crud ball! its much easier to deal with vs. Bumble foot. anyway as far as preventing it from happening again you could wrap it for a week or so to allow the stretched skin to "shrink" back. however I have one hen who no matter what I do she gets them especially in the winter when the ground is damp ( the webbing in-between her feet is just really deep i guess)... so, i just keep a watchful eye on her and "pop" them out every other month or so... if you stay on top of it they are easy to remove and won't become as impacted as the first one... good luck!!

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