Is this Coccidiosis?

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Update on Hawk: She’s doing even better. Either she layed that egg, or something else was the cause. She’s not isolating anymore, she’s staying with her friends, and she’s around 90% back to normal.
I'm glad to hear she's doing better!
Keep checking on her, hopefully she'll make a complete recovery.

Kalista Potter

Sep 25, 2019
Hello everyone! I have a 7.5 month old White Jersey Giant. Around 2 weeks back, she started acting lethargic, but a few days later she was fine. She became lethargic yet again a few days later, but she was ok in a few days. 4 days ago, she became lethargic YET AGAIN, but now it’s even worse. Since 4 days a go, she won’t eat or drink nearly anything (she does occasionally), she is way less energetic than she used to, and she has lost around 0.5-1 pound. She also has some greenish diarrhea. Is this coccidiosis, and is so, what should I do? Thanks for all of your help.

@6BeachChicks could you help with this? Thanks
@cherrynberry do you have any idea how to solve this?
This does sound like coccdiosis, my hen could be going through the same thing right now and im currently treating her with baycox

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