Is this Copper Marans pullet black or blue?

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    Franny is 9 weeks old, so I know it’s a bit early to be sure, but her color seems a touch light for a black copper marans. She has a couple of white feathers tucked under her wings on each side (juvenile?) Any thoughts?





    Franny is on the right, below

    Thanks for your input!
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    I don't have any experience with Marans, but I have had/have Black Australorps and blue Easter Eggers. Your pullet is blue, not black. Congratulations, I think the blue birds are so pretty! :)

    As for the white feathers, some breeds feather in with some white feathers as chicks, but then their final adult plumage is correct for their breed type. Australorps for example feather in with some white feathers, but are solid black by the time they start laying.
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