Is this egg fertilized or unfertilied???

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    I accidentally cracked an egg while candling. So I poured it on a plate to see what might be going on with the others like it that are still incubating. The red bullseye like area made me think it might be. the bullseye like area was actually a darker reddish brown area in person and the photo from my phone is blurred a bit. That is from one of the eggs that look football shaped. I'm not sure if the other ones I got from a member here are still capable of hatching or if they were too old by the time they were sent. I can't find decent photos to show me if webbing in the egg is what i'm seeing or not because it is thick. One was half clear at one ende with dark thick webbing like areas. The other different one from that bunch had the same dark webbing effect as the rest and looked like there may have been a dark spot on the side branching out like a spider. Help... it's my first time incubating besides the ones before that were duds.


    It was a small red circle with a small red dot in the middle. You can kind of see where it is red in the middle where that was on the egg. Sorry the picture wasn't good when I uploaded it from my phone.
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    The "bulls-eye" is WHITE. See the white spot on that yolk? I can't tell if IT is a bulls-eye or not in that photo. But that's what you look for - the white bulls-eye. Unfertilized, solid white spot. Fertilized, white circle.
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    The red spot could just be a blood spot I think.
    How long into incubation were the eggs?

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    Quote:4 days
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