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    Jun 7, 2011
    Ok so i know some people are going to be like "Life's not Fair" but here it goes. So my family and i are not finacialy good right now, and I recently asked my dad if we could build a better coop. He said no we cant right now, we dont have enough money. So I said ok. Well he comes home the next day with my brother. My brothers carrying a bag so naturely i ask what it is. He said dont tell mom but we got 2 new games I said oh. Mind you he is a 7 year old playing mature games. Well a few days later my dad comes home with my bro again. He comes up to me and says DONT tell mom, but we got a 200$ ELECTIC CAR! Im like [​IMG] . So i ask my dad again if we may be able to build something for my ducks. He says no AGAIN! I was so madd. [​IMG] . Well now my brother is braging that he is getting a 60$ controller for a game. I tryed talking to my mom about it, but she thinks my animals dont need anything. I dunno what to do. [​IMG] I want to try talking with a family member or something but im afraid that my mom will tell them what a "bad" kid i am. So they will intern blow me off. Can anyone give me tips on what to do? Sometimes I just wanna cry sometimes. [​IMG] Thank you for listening to me ramble it helps me get some anger out sometimes.
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    I think your father should not be hiding purchases from your mother. That is bad juju.
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    I would suggest you start looking for some scrap wood at construction sites and on craigslist, then go to your dad when you find it and tell him you need his help to bring it home for your project.
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    Just playing devil's advocate, but do they purchase the feed, bedding, and meds for the birds? This is a money pit of a hobby!
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    Quote:As a parent i don't recommend putting kids in the middle. I would tell Dad you will not be involved in deceiving your mother. As for the coop business he is the Dad and you should obey. Just remember you won't always live at home and then you can make your own decisions. Til then hang tight. Talk to a counselor at school if you can. Asking for advice show maturity on your part so be encouraged.

    I wish you the best

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    If you're old enough, you could get a part-time job to earn money for your birds. Or if you're too young for that, ask if your parents or other relatives will pay you for doing extra chores around the house. Save everything you can - any gift money or allowance - towards your animals. And as sheaviance1 suggested, scrounge for free materials.

    Really, you'd be wise not to get into a contest with your brother about who gets the most. I know it hurts now, but you'll be better off taking control and earning your own money. In not too many more years, you'll be getting a job and moving out. You'll be so much happier if you can take care of your animals all by yourself, and don't have to beg help from anyone [​IMG]
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    Jun 7, 2011
    Quote:Thats the problem i have almost 150$ i even found a coop i could buy from craigslist, he said that he didnt have time to go get it.
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    Same thing happened with my bestfriend, his Dad got his whole family laptops except him [​IMG] and he pays for all his own stuff!

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