Is this feather picked belly or molting? Pics! Still need answers pls

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  1. CA Bean

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    After the rainy days this week, here is what I found. My blk Australorps belly was all bare. She is about 7-8months. I think it could be feather picking but it looked pretty smooth yesterday so I couldn't figure it out. I did a search here and a lot came up as molting, mites, or broody hen. I am pretty sure it is not mites, and not a broody. I feed Organic Layers pellets, some scratch grains or mixed bird seeds, BOSS as treats, scraps not a ton, and ACV in water.
    I know we do have 1 feather picker at least in the bunch. I did separate the BA with my roo who is recovering from feather picked tail and she started to feather pick my roo! Ugh! So took her out.
    I took pics today and saw that there was a slight scab on the bare area.
    Feather picked or molting?
    Thanks all - you guys are wonderful!
    Confuse also because others don't have this but noticed many pale combs and wattles..(beginning molting)?



    eta: what I feed them
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  2. Mahonri

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    Looks like more than feather picked and molting.

    I'd love to know what it is.
  3. natalie1136

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    Quote:I think it is picking. My chickens did that this winter when they were stuck inside. They just started molting and those feathers are coming back in. Since they can free range again there is no more picking.

    Just my opinion, maybe someone on here will know for sure

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  4. CA Bean

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    Quote:Yah, don't know what is going on..that bottom pic is of her stomach.
    I have seen feather picking on my roo's back and usually it is scabby and blue from being bruised. This looks clean..maybe it is some molting as I have seen a feathers in the nesting box.( now I think about it)
    I am afraid if it is molting are others gonna feather pick her new growth?!
  5. god73

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    Mar 7, 2009
    I have several that look the same, and would really like to know whats it is, although one of mine has all feathers gone except wings an neck, and a few on its belly, I have wormed them, dusted them, egg production is good, and they eat well. Any ideas???

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    I have a hen that is going through the same thing. I would like to know also. She eats well and is laying very well also. [​IMG].
  7. CA Bean

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    Omg nobody seems to know? I think maybe molting if this is going on for many people. I know it is not mites because I know what they look like and I checked her butt out and it is fine. It is her belly.
  8. ravencreek

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    Maybe it just wants to be a turken?
  9. havi

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    To me it looks like when a hen goes broody. Both of my hens looked like that when they went to set eggs. But they would pick it themselves and put it in their 'nest' they would make. Whatever it is I hope you find out soon.

  10. god73

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    Mar 7, 2009
    I dont believe its molting because my worst hen has been almost totally naked for 3 or more weeks and have hardly any feathers growing back. I live close to purdue poltry farm and Im calling them tomorrow. they will take a look at it and take blood samples. I will let u all know what they say. [​IMG]

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