Is this food ok for newly hatched chicks?


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
I used a different brand of chick starter and it was powdery and soft. I bought a differnt brand of chick starter because it was medicated and it looks much bigger and harder. LIke large crumbles of granola. I don't know if my chicks can eat it. Is that ok for chicks? It says starter. Hmmm...
It's fine. The first kind is called "mash" and the second is "crumbles". Crumbles are just mash that has been pressed into pellets and then crushed. It breaks back down rapidly when mixed with saliva.

ETA: and you'd be surprised at how large food pieces can be relative to the size of the bird. I've watched 3-week old chicks eat whole cicadas...
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most of the people i have talked to actually prefer the larger crumble type to the "mash". I have been using the crumbles and my 1 week old chicks are doing quite well on it. hope this helps.

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