Is this fowl pox? PHOTOS


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Mar 31, 2008
We noticed this mornig on our extremely broody hen that she had what looks like a water blister on her comb. None of the other chickens have any. Does it look like fowl pox or could it be caused by the heat we are having here in Ga almost 99' yesterday, and of course she's spending all her time in the nest box hoping one of thoses eggs we collect everyday will hatch.
I don't know what's going on. Our healthy back yard flock of 9 is falling apart before our eyes. Oue standard cochin roo has bumblefoot and all of them are covered in lice and mites. I have been fighting the lice and mites for weeks now. We replaced all shavings and sprayed the coop with liquid seven. I also always havwe DE in the shavings. I've gone through 4 poultry powdering 7 days apart with no reduction in either the mites or lice. Then I sprayed their vent area with Adams from the vet. It killed great on contact but you can only use the dose you would use on a kitten so that was a wash. I've read on here about dips and Ivermectrin on the back of their neck but I wonder how long you need to wait to eat the eggs. If ya'll can offer any advice about the L&M infestation that would be great. Thanks!!!

The blister is hard to see in the pic but it's at the top of her comb

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Sep 2, 2008
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Does not look like Pox to me.

The lice and mites are going to be with you.

All you can do it control the little buggers.

Use lots of DE and Sevin 5 percent DUST.

The ivermex, the external stuff can be used in small amounts.

If you continue to have lots of lice and mites then you will need to remove your chickens and completely clean the coop with a HEAVY insecticide. Some people even use a Fogger.

Spray your roosts with WD40 every day for a week. This can be a point of infestation.

Be sure to get your nesting boxes too. Many do not think about these. I throw DE in them.

Lice and Mites are a part of the chicken world.

Check ONE chicken every day until the whole flock goes through your hands and then start over.

You will eventually break the cycle for the lice. The mites may be a little harder.


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Feb 16, 2009
Could it be a fresh fireant bite? I noticed some scabs on my birds combs/wattles but they are from fireants.

I had birds about 12 years ago with dry pox and they had them all over their combs/wattles, not just one or two.

I just read the WD40 recommendation. I think I'll do that too. It doesn't make the roost too slippery? I just replaced the shavings on the floor and nest boxes and gave them all a good powdering of DE.


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Mar 10, 2008
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I think for your situation Ivomec or Ivomec Eprix (sp) would be best to get rid of the lice/mites on your birds. Waiting 30 days to eat eggs after worming is the norm, but I'm not sure with the Eprix..... it may be shorter.


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Jul 5, 2009
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did I read right? WD 40? how does this work, and Im sure you take the roost out, spray it and let it dry, do you wash them afterwards??? please explain this please

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