Is this impacted crop?? Any experts in this area??

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    Jan 1, 2010
    I have an 1 yr old EE who was recently molting. She molted for 2 mos. and quit laying. About 3 weeks ago she started laying again and for a week laid a nice green egg every day. Then she stopped laying again. I noticed about 1 week ago there seemed to be a lump under her beak. Very large, about the size of a golf ball. She is eating, acts fine and has normal poop, the only symptoms seem to be no eggs and the grainy feeling lump. The lump feels like it has food (Layena crumbles) in it and is mushy. I have started giving her bread soaked in oil and she is eating that. I also read on this site to massage the crop and I have been doing that. Should I take her to the vet? Any advice would be appreciated. The other 5 hens in the coop are all fine. I am not comfortable cutting into her crop.
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    You say the lump is under her beak? The crop is down on the chest, slightly to the right, not under the beak.

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