Is this Jersey Giant (and how/when can they be sexed?)


9 Years
May 31, 2010
Ordered 3 males and 7 females from McMurrays. There were also WF Spanish in the order but I think those would have more white on the face, am I correct? These 5 are the only black chicks that survived. They are approx. 3 weeks old. So these should all be JGs? If so, how/when can they be sexed (or can you take a guess now?) , thanks!

Extra large image over here:

the toes are also light- is that normal for JG's (at least hatchery stock)?
When can the sexes be fairly accurately guessed?
give it a few weeks. the legs will darken and the combs will become more prominant if they are roos. I ordered 5 pullets last spring and luckily got all 5 females, JG roos are monster huge!
White Faced Black Spanish do not get their "white face" until much much later.
Those look like Black Australorps to me. Jersey Giants will have a slight green tinge to the legs when young. But, who knows, hatchery stock can differ. . .
I think its a hatchery stock thing... I have two adult black Langshans and I don't remember any greenish tinge on their legs when they were chicks either

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