Is this little one an Araucana? Hen/Roo?


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Sep 5, 2013
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Hi guys!

I stopped by my local feed store yesterday and they'd gotten a batch of these cute little ones in and I could not resist. The owner of the store was not in and the only kid there was not positive on the breed. He told me araucana but I'm not positive. S/he has slightly feathered legs which I've read is not an araucana thing. I've also read that these chicks can be sexed fairly early on (possibly) so I was hoping you guys could help! I'm hoping it's a hen -- s/he is super sweet and wants to sit in my lap for hours. No roos allowed in our city :( Let me know what you guys think!

Not aracauna. not really easter egger, either. I'm not sure what has that leg and body color and the light feathering, I'm leaning toward a mix. Really too early for gender, but those are some thick legs so I'm not ruling out rooster yet.
I agree! S/he looks like a mix of a few pictures I've found. I already have one mystery what's another? :) I love the coloring though. The legs do look thick. I tried the only sexing test I know where you hold it by the back of the neck and watch it kick/go limp. This one went limp so I'm crossing my fingers for a girl!

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