Is this molting?

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    I have 8 RIRs who are a little over 11 months old. For the past several months, I've been getting 7-8 eggs per day. About a month a ago, the production dropped to 4-5 eggs per day. I thought that since the days a getting slightly shorter, maybe that was the problem, so I added lights in the early morning hours. This helped for a day or 2 & then the number of eggs dropped back down.

    Today, I noticed that 3 of the girls have lost a lot of feathers on their necks. It started me wondering if they are going through molt. I've read that RIRs molt slightly & quickly get over it. I don't see an unusual amount of feathers in the coop or run, and the girls don't seem to have thin or falling feathers on the rest of their bodies, only the necks area.

    What do you all think?

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    Still think that it is molting, and the missing feathers, some chickens eat there molted feathers.[​IMG]

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