Is this noraml? Chicks aren't scared!


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oK, WE NOW HAVE CHICKEN WIRE over the brooder because they started flying out. Now, when I go to the broder, and talk to them, they stop and look up at me and start jumping like they want me to take them out! They were so scared of Big Scary Hand, I was just wonding if this is normal. They are 4 weeks old on Saturday.
Maybe they associate Big Scary Hand with food. My 5 week old EE chicks are just learning about treats and aren't as scared of me as they used to be.
We have a chick that from day one hasnt been frightened of "the hand". But the rest think its coming to get them!!!
I think like redoak said, they are coming to associate you with food and maybe since you are the caregiver see you as part of the "flock" as well?
My birds are always a bit scared of me getting too close at first, then they flock to me the second I step out my back door (or they press their little feathered bodies up against the fence, anxious to see what treats I've brought them this time.) When I go into the run to refresh their food dishes they all gather around my feet, and I have to be careful not to step on anyone (I can't tell you how many times I hear squawking because I've stepped on bird toes).

"After all, can't eat the crumbs at the bottom of the feed dish unless my stomach is about to implode from hunger (ie, it's been five minutes since I ate last and I must fill my belly again)." Can't you just hear the words ringing in your ears?

My three week old chick has already come to associate my appearance with fresh water and feed, though the babies two weeks behind him still think I'm the scary hand giant. It'll get better. Give it time.

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