is this normal do they do this all the time ?

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    i hope this is the rite catagory to -put this under. i have a ? is it normal if chickens have alittle blood in there poop cuz i seem to see alittle bit in there poop i dont know if just one of them has that little problem or they all do it i dont see it in all of there poo so i dont think they all do it can something they eat make them bleed alittle in there poop? idk i only notice it on there poop board that i clean up every morning and thats when i seem to notice it i hope someone can help answer my ? thank u [​IMG]
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    from the pics on the website the one that looks like the poops ive been seeing is the intestinal lining poo the one that looks like theres alittle blood in the poo i think thats the one ive seen in the coop from what the website says it must be normal rite?

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