Is this Normal head feathering and upper beak color for a Polish? PICS


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
Rome, NY
Lucy is a 20 wk old GL Polish. It has been raining today so her head feathers are damp and droopy... but I noticed that her head feathers seem very thin and the upper part of her beak... I guess where her comb would be is brite red in color. This upper beak area is uniform in color- no obvious injury, no bleeding or wetness, not open or raw... I have never noticed this before. She is getting close to laying age. My other girls (non-polish) are getting brite red combs and waddles so Im wondering if this is just Lucy's brite red? Or is it something of concern? She seems fine & normal otherwise. My BL Polish dosent seem to have the same thing and her head feathers are thicker. Also, I never see any feather pulling or plucking going on... in fact the other girls often gently preen the Polish hens head feathers. And Lucy tends to be more "aggresive" so Im sure she not being picked on. Im alone today so these are the best pics I could get!
Thank for your help!



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