Is this normal or mean??


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Jul 29, 2009
Hello,ive got a 3 yr.old bantam frizzle roo named Frizz,he's been a great rooster,very sweet.I hatched a bantam sizzle roo,Sizz,about 9 mos.ago.Sizz has definitely came into his manhood.The problem is,he's making Frizz miserable.He doesnt really beat him up,but he constantly chases him,wont let him near the girls,and wont let him have treats.Is this normal for a younger roo to take over and treat the older roo bad? Is it cruel for me to let it go on,or should i maybe try to rehome the younger one? I would really appreciate any opinions.Thanks...
How long have they been together? They may be establishing a pecking order still.
They've been together since Sizz was old enough to be with the flock.So Sizz was the baby and Frizz was the adult.
Awww that stinks ! I have an old rooster that lost his status. He was plucked & hiding in shame.
I gave him a small coop with 2 girls and he is happy as can be. His feathers grew in nice & shiny, he crows and clucks proudly for girls.
If you have the room, it is an option.
I do have a second coop i keep for newbies and babies,but i've had 2 coops before and it wasnt really fun trying to keep up with both.I'll have to think about it..
It's a tough call, but chickens do what chickens do. As long as they aren't killing each other odds are they should settle down. This happened in my flock and the older roo was pushed out on the fringe until the young ones got settled into their role. Now they leave him alone and he has his little group of girls that keep him company. He's doing pretty well now that he molted all his torn up feathers

Edited to add I do freerange most of my flock and they have plenty of room to get away from eachother. I'm sure this wouldn't work if you have crowded conditions.
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my coop is 234 they have 2 runs and i let them out into the fenced yard everyday.I have 39 hens and the 2 roos..
They may continue to test each other but that's a lot of resources for two roosters. I'd say your boys will come to an agreement without too much fuss.

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