Is this normal wing development?


12 Years
May 7, 2007
Northern California
This is our little BEI at about 5-1/2 weeks. Her wings seem to be always turned out at the ends. When she stretches and flaps they look pretty normal, but the cock-eyedness seems weird to me. I don't remember our bigger ducks looking so strange. Also, when we bring her outside her father chases her every chance he gets. They are totally separated when we're not watching, but eventually I'd like for her to live with other ducks. Do I need to worry about the drake killing her? The others seem to tolerate her fine.
It is not a good idea to put young birds of any breed with older birds that are not the mother who hatched them until they are large enough to protect themselves. Older birds have a natural tendency to pick on other birds especially if they sense they are smaller and weaker. You do run the risk of a young bird being badly injured or killed.
Thank you SO much for the video. After the first reply I did some reading about taping for angel wing, and reading about it and seeing it done are totally different things. I *think* I did it OK. I'll try to post another picture tomorrow so my taping job can be critiqued.

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