Is this one a BR?


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Feb 2, 2011
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Just wondering what this one is, I'm guessing Barred Rock but then again I always lost money in Vegas so my guessing sucks. Everything else in the brooder I can ID but this little gal has me a little confused.

Blurred out the edges of the pic so there would be no confusion, the chick in questions is largely black, white spot on the head and down the breast, yellow legs. I know the black sex link tend to run all black with black legs so it causes me to guess BR.

here is a different pic, the brooder is so large it's hard to get a good close up, there're still in the freak out stage when I walk in. Feathers are really black, the flash washes them out a little.


Now here is another pic with the two chicks, the solid black with black legs I though was the black sex link, it's the closer one I still don't know what it is other then my mystery chick.
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Did you change your pictures? I don't see the pic I commented on--wait, I remember now, you did change it. That could be a BR pullet in that first pic. Sometimes, they start out very dark with ghosty barring, but then again, so do BR male crosses where the hen is barred and the rooster isn't, like in the case of some Silver Phoenix/BR cross cockerels I had once.

The black one, I have no idea. So many chicks start out solid black, it's not easy to determine the exact breed at first.

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