Is this one good to eat or is it gonna be '' throw away right NOW " ! ?

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    Mar 21, 2017
    Hi Dear BYC'ers !

    My badluck with the remaining animals of a large flock is something I would like to turn into a luck on a bad luck , as much as possible .
    Meaning : All my birds either died on their own or had to be culled due the very common desease CRD , chronic respitory desease , well , debating this has no use at all but it is almost never just CRD alone , they are snotty , blow bells out of their noses , caugh , sneeze and have diahria , and the list of symptoms goes on ofcourse . Now , first of all , for all farmers and hobbyists , I first like to say a few words to you :
    could you prevent this ? No , not even if they had their injections , if one has it , they do not show immediate symptoms so now if your entire flock has it , no it is NOT your fault ! Not even with a '' cure " , what were you going to do with the animals that got a cure ? they became carriers of the desease anyway , so is there still a life for them if you want to put new hens with them or have babychicks ? I am not going to discuss that but in my opinion the answer is a big NO...

    So here I have my question that have to do with this topic ( I did not randomly pick a topic ;-) ) .
    Ok , these birds have all kinds of illnesses on them and are in pain , I have already culled a lot of them after they have been given a cure of antibiotics ( baytril 20 + another cure about a few weeks after ) , now few of these are again sevearly ill , some just a bit but all together : this flock is lost .
    So now I like to know the following : can I eat these birds now their cure is ' out of their blood ' ??
    Does it have to be one that is not showing bubbles out of the nose or can you eat any bird ?
    In industries there are tons of sick birds we still have ending up on our plates and I assumed that if you have them culled and they are undone of their blood they are just meat to eat right ? Or do I make a mistake here ? Thing is I'm done watching them suffer and also done spending money on them while there is no more future for these birds . The time and efforts I did spend on them are that high I took days of .
    Can I make from this sad case still a somewhat good one ? by using them as meatbirds ? If so , are there any things I need to do extra or special / different then when I cull an old grandma for the freezer ? And if they would have salmonella or any other deseases , is it gone once they are drained ?? or is it only gone once heaten up ( cooked , baked , roasted ) and do I need to preserve them apart in the freezer or can they be put together with other meat ?
    Sorry for lots of questions but I am done looking at a flock that looks like a dark cloud yet I like to take something good out of this situation , besides lessons then !
    I d like to thank you in advance ...
    Kind regards out of BE
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    I'm sorry you are having trouble.

    Hopefully others will chime in, but IMHO it's best to cut your losses and dispose/bury/burn the birds.
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  3. strangeanimal

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    Mar 21, 2017
    Hmm , I already tought so actually but wasn't sure because some (really ) eat just any birds they find a bit ' off ' , no matter what the matter exactly is so I figuered , this is a sad case really hurting me too , yet I have my birds for dual purposes , always used some for their meat too but those were healthy chickens ofcourse , usually old ones or one that didn't lay much anymore or sometimes just the fews I bred especially with that purpose ... these were not with any other purpose rather than eggs due their young ages and also I needed to keep the breed I'm talking about a little bit out of minority due lack of defense in their characters but I guess eating them wouln't be an option , they honestly do not seem tasty right now either ;-) ... But you know sad cases you have been putting money , time , energy , hope in you still wanna have ending up nor bad nor good ...
    Thanks for the reply ( yeah actually i am mourning the losses due they were with so many and you know some of those were like real hughbirds etc pfff :) sad but it is what it is and happens to anyone once in a while , the most of them atleast had a quite long and good life where I already find a little bit of solice in ... )

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