Is this pasty butt? What should I do to help heal?

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    I was given this chicken at a poultry show and I'm trying to nurse her back to a healthy laying girl. She has a voracious appetite; I've been giving her yogurt with applesause & oaks to make sure her belly is right. I add a few drops of applecidar vinegar to her water; given her a bath and blow dry. I've checked her for bugs but can't find any on her. Not sure what else to do.

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    If she has a voracious appetite you might want to worm her, not that having a good appetite means worms but I'd be thinking she has never been wormed, can you find out from the person you got her from? I think only chicks can get actual pasty butt, but she could just be getting messy from her feathers , I try to keep my hens feathers around their vent trimmed to avoid that. Sounds like your taking good care of her as far as what you've stated. I put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in my chickens water everyday. Tab to 1 gallon.
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    I recommend you stop giving her applesauce, it acts as a mild laxative from what I've read. I also recommend you mix the yogurt with scrambled egg (extra protein)....add regular layer crumbles with the yogurt and egg to make a mash, take away the oats. Give the mash to her to eat for about 3-4 days. Then just give her layer crumbles. Check her poop for worms. You could take a sample to a vet and have them check it out for a nominal fee. Mine recently cost $10 for my rooster.
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    That sure looks like feather breakage from mites. I would dust her even though you haven't seen any mites on her.

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