Is this peacock malnourished or suffering from parasites?

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    Sep 19, 2012
    Hi everyone,
    since you have been such a valuable source of information to this new peafowl owner I hope you can help me save these two sweethearts.

    These peafowl are not mine but I am trying to help the owner. I started by asking what they are fed and was told turkey feed.
    I feed mine wild game grower, so the owner of these two peas switched to that a few months ago. They do not recieve anything else, just water and wild game grower.

    I have suggested greens, sunflower seeds etc. but ......I fear they are malnourished.



    From what I am able to see, most of his trouble is on the top part of his head, he has lost his crown and he looks quite bald. However, his tail looks healthy and colorful and I see no other 'bad' areas.

    You will notice the brown on the back of his neck and down his side. I am told this was caused by a lightbulb which has since been moved out of his reach.


    The hen looks to be in better shape although her crown is a bit ratty.

    I would appreciate any and all feedback.

    Thank you!

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