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    Hi, BYCers!!! I have a question about a specific hatchery. They are the only place I can find a specific breed I want, and as much as I hate the idea of getting hatchery birds, I really need that breed for one of my projects. Only problem is they have the 25 chick minimum order and I don't want that many of the one breed, so I was thinking about just getting some of my other breeds from there as well, even though I don't really want to do that either. So, long story short, have any of you used Welp Hatchery, and are they a good one to order from? I'm ordering Production Blacks (the ones I can't find anywhere else, for some reason) and I haven't totally decided on the others yet, but I was thinking maybe my Australorps and/or Orpingtons might come from them as well. What do you guys think? Would I be safe using this hatchery? I know they probably won't have the best quality, I just want them to be correct for the breed and healthy. Any experience you guys could share would be great.. Thanks, everyone!!!

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    Hi there,
    I did a quick review search for you. In general, they seem to be trustworthy with healthy birds. Some negative reviews seem to be 'human error' or USPS problems.
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    Hi!, [​IMG]
    what "specific breed" are you searching for? The poultry world has lots of Australops and Orpingtons without going to a hatchery. Have you checked their breed threads here on BYC and the National Clubs for each of these breeds? They have Breeder's Directories on their sites. Also there is the weekly Poultry Press magazine (website) which has a huge amount of ads in ti for many breeds. And their is the Judges Directory at the American Poultry Association website. Call up one of the "all-rounder" judges and ask them who has quality birds. You will get a lot father faster with high quality stock from a breeder. Many of who are now downsizing their flocks for overwintering and have nice Spring-hatched "started" chickens for sale. Buying them would cost a bit more but much less than raising your own chicks. Plus it will put you on track to hatch eggs with the rest of us next Spring, smile. And the breeder will have culled them at least once for quality so you know what you are getting. lastly, you will have a breeder you can contact with questions who understands their strain and how they inherit until you learn that for yourself.

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