Is this pure Isa Brown rooster?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by GhettoRoo, Feb 26, 2015.

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    Oct 7, 2014
    Hello everybody. Today i start to by curious about my around 5 year old Rooster, when I saw someone finding home for a 4 months old cockerel there
    [​IMG]My old veteran. 3.5 kgs
    [​IMG]His offspring, 6 months old, 2.3 kgs
    [​IMG]So, there is he with his ladies.

    And one of my old Roosters offsprings looks pretty similar, and If i take a look @ google pics, finding Isa brown Rooster, I can find some similaries. This one looks pretty the same, only with wellsummer neck and head. :D
    Age 3 years.
    Breed Isa brown cross Rhode island cross brown leghorn and Welsummer
    These two, looks pretty similar to my offspring.
    and this less, but too.

    Im very intrigued about this. If mine rooster turns out is pure Isa brown, im gonna show him more respect, and clean and give some extra treats. :D
    This one isa brown bantam looks somehow similar, but lil bit different contrasts.

    But, He is kind a RIR blooded, i said, Cuz Isas is made from RIR and RIR white.

    Thanks, waiting. :)
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    "Pure" ISA Brown is a bit of an oxymoron - ISA Brown is one of the proprietary names under which Red Sex Links are sold - the ISA part being the particular line of birds these specific hybrids are produced from. They are not a "breed" at all - rather a hybrid created by careful selection of parent stock of two different breeds which will yield chicks that hatch with sex linked coloration making them easy to sex at hatch. Your boy looks more like the result of someone breeding a red sex link and hatching the eggs - but RSLs do not "breed true" meaning that chicks hatched from the mating of sex link parents are not sex linked themselves as the linking is not a second generation trait. Many folks will slap the label on their birds when they are not actually from the specific line for which that particular "brand name" would apply - ISA Brown, Lohmann Brown, Cinnaomn Queen, etc are all red -sex links, but not all red sex links are ISA Browns.
    As for whether your bird is/isn't a particular type - that is no reason to show him more or less respect or to clean him up more or less, feed him better/worse.
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    :D X3 or X2.
    OK, U just said everything I understand before.
    I know that sex links are only in first generation.
    My hens are 1st generation sex links. But I dont know If my rooster is from sex link generation at all, that was a question. U aint gonna get this offspring mating with Australorp cock, are you? Ofc no.
    So, my old Rooster is from that sex link strain?
    Dont go in to my words so right into, english is not my main language, oxymoron.
    My parents got that rooster before 3 years, 2 years old. So I dont know anything about him. Besides that he is 90% Rhode Island Red blooded rooster, only bit lighter in weight is a main difference. Those are my thoughts. Correct if im wrong.
  7. Chris09

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    He could be a "sex-link" or a number of other crosses.
    As for is he a ISA Brown, you will never know. Most sex-links and crosses look a like.

    Also your bird is no where near 90% Rhode Island Red and has very little in common with a Rhode Island Red.
    The weight is a minor difference.
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    I don't think he's a first generation sex link rooster. They should have way more white, usually with just a touch of red on the wings. Your guy looks quite mixed, he doesn't have that easily identifable "sex link rooster" look. He could be second or more generation, or simply a mix of some red and white birds.
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