Is this really a Cream Legbar?


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Aug 30, 2013
It looks like a cream legbar and the person I bought it from said it was a legbar, but I thought they are supposed to give green or blue eggs? This hen gives me eggs that are pretty much white/cream looking. There's not really any sign of blue or green in her eggs.

I wonder if she is a mix with some other breed, the CLs I've seen look more or less like the ones on Feathersite, she does have white earlobes which is interesting. Have you held her eggs up to a white piece of paper? I've sometimes had EEs whose eggs were such a pale green/blue at times in their cycle they looked white if you just looked at them.
judging by them photos on feathersite, it does seem that this is not a pure legbar. It seems it probably is a legbar crossed with something else. I wonder what?

Her eggs are not pure white compared to paper. They are slightly darker/creamer.

These are photos of her egg on white and black backgrounds. Most people would say they are white, there does not seem to be hardly any tint of blue or green in them.

So I guess this definetly is NOT a pure legbar then?
A legbar pullet/hen is supposed to have a salmon colored breast and the barring on the back should be more muted because of the brown base--sort of a brownish-grey with subtle barring. The barring gene doesn't play well with the brown color as well as with a black color. There should also be some cream colored penciling on the hackles, which your does not. Her legs look pale for a Cream Legbar, too--but the yellow can fade quite a bit if she is laying a lot. Earlobe color is right at least.

So no she is not purebred, but could easily be half Cream Legbar. Not sure what the other half could be. If I think of something, I'll post my answer.

Where are you from--by the way, it may influence the choices!

Ok I am thinking that maybe Cuckoo Leghorn as a possibility as the other part of the cross. Her body seems heavier than a pure leghorn, but there you go.
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She does have a small crest on the head behind the comb (I don't think you can tell from the photos), much much smaller than a normal legbars.

I've just looked at some photos of the cuckoo leghorn and there does seem to be some resemblance, but I really don't think it's a cuckoo leghorn cross, becasue I've never come across a cuckoo leghorn even up for sale here in the UK, and i've just looked again at a popular UK site where i can get chickens from and there is absoloutley no cuckoo leghorns available anywhere. I don't even know if they exist in the UK. She gives me slightly less eggs than my Light Sussex, maybe one less per week, and the eggs are a little smaller than the light sussex's also.

Some more clue's from her personality: she's not as docile as the light sussex either, but she is not exactly flighty either. When I got five new chicks about 10 weeks old, she was the big bully. Seems to bully the chicks every chance she gets, although she has calmed down a little now after 2 weeks.

I think she is almost certainly half legbar, but I don't think it will really be possible to be sure of the half, will it?
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She looks like a legbar cross to me, she has the same body time, comb, earlobes that my legbar cross as, but she's definitely not the right colour and doesn't lay the right coloured eggs.
Pretty girl though!

Has she just started laying? My girl laid paler (but not as pale as yours) eggs before they turned proper blue :)
With the crest you would think she has to be part CL at least, crossed with some other white/tinted egg layers a generation or two back. There are a lot of choices though, barred or penciled to sort of keep the color you'd have campines, fayoumis, etc and there are other solid colored leghorns, and minorcas are pretty popular in the UK. It is interesting how she has lost a lot of the barring on her chest and the tops of her shoulders. Do you have any idea what other breeds her breeder had?
She has been laying for some time. She's approx 13 months, so she's been lying for atleast 6 months.

Unfortunatley I have no idea what other birds her breeder had. I think the only thing I can be certain about is that she is a legbar cross. What breed the other half of her lineage is will always have to remain a mystery I guess. There's just to many potentials out there, unless someone has a chicken with exact same feathers, or is a super expert.

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