Is this roo a Americana or Arocona or ??


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Aug 17, 2008
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What type roo is this?

Eater egger !

And a heads up its Ameraucana and Araucana
I had no idea how to spell the names either for a LONG time lol

By the way i like how when you click on you web site link your website comes out from the middle . Awsome !!!!!
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I'm pretty sure that color is standard in Ameraucanas so he could by all means be a pure ameraucana.

his eye could be the third eye lid or whatever it's called during picture taking moving over the eye.

oh wait it's an EE it's comb isnt a peacomb i thikn that right there makes it an EE aka Easter Egger
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It's too hard to tell from the pics. He appears to have good leg color and the coloration is consistent with a Wheaten Ameraucana. However, the comb appears to be disfigured.

He may be a true Ameraucana or he may be an EE that is pretty close to a true Ameraucana. You can see my website for a picture of a true Wheaten Ameraucana rooster.

Where did you get him? Why do you ask? Any other information you can provide would be helpful in us provide you with a more definitive answer.

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There is a possiblility that it is a Non-Rumpless Araucana but it's most likely an EE or Ameraucana. It doesn't have tufts on its face, but it does have muffs and beard. Just throwing out info.
Here are the male offspring of the male above

Here are some other female offspring - I think the one in front is the mate

Hope this helps - Could you tell by the offspring if its a EE or americana??

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