Is this Rooster Damage or Molt?


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Patterson, New York
I am wondering what is causing this bald spot in my less than one-year-old Welsumer. Is it just molt? The rooster? Is she victim of random pecking when I'm not around? Would wearing an apron help her? For how long?



My vote is for rooster damage. I have one girl that wears an apron spring through fall. In my case, it's not entirely the roo's fault, they just don't fit together well. Either she doesn't squat in a way that works for him or he's not able to mount her correctly.

Once my roo slacks off on his mating attempts going into winter, I take the girls apron off.
There are new feathers coming in, and I, too, think I'd blame it on the rooster. A saddle until the new feathers grow in would really help. Looks like she's the favorite hen, so it might have to be semi-permanant. She's a pretty pullet!

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