Is this safe for my chickens?


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Mar 13, 2017
I know I won't actually be getting chickens for a few more years yet, but I'm wondering if these harnesses are safe.
Sorry if I'm not allowed to post links, can't remember where the forum rules are... Still, I had wanted something very similar for my budgies, but it turned out with their little bodies they can get seriously hurt. You can use them on larger parrots, and chickens are even bigger, but I don't want to risk hurting them. The main risk to small birds and harnesses is getting tangled, trying to fly, and getting hurt while they're getting put on. But if I can use these then I have a lot of good things in mind, such as if it floods I can take them with me in the life raft I'm gonna have tethered to the shed. XD Thanks in advance, I really am curious. If you're wondering I'll be getting Silkies and Buff Lace chickens, all hens- this probably makes a big difference since they're all so fluffy. I'll be handraising them so getting it on might not be an issue.

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