Is this silkie chick a light's a splash...

Three Cedars Silkies

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Hoping so! It's 2 weeks old so please excuse the beginning adolescence look.'s wing isn't really split like that !

The egg was labeled "blue" when it arrived.



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I hatched six splash chicks a few months ago and they all had identifiable spots on them as soon as they were dry. I don't see any different colored feathers on this chick at this time...but my jury is still out on that. The dark color coming through on this chick is it's black skin.
I'm no expert but I'm with you gator I don't see splash, just dark skin.
I hatched my first blue about 7 weeks ago and it was a lot more "grey" looking than this one right from the beginning, but maybe this will be a pretty light blue?
What do the lavenders look like when they are small? I haven't seen one but this would be my inexperienced guess.
Someone had one on craigslist like that for $10, and it sold within an hour. Its a splash from what the ad said and what your chick looks like.
Could it simply be white? The dark skin gives an illusion of an odd color, but what do the feathers look like in bright sunlight? I hate cameras for that reason... They never show the color properly. Mine usually get washed out
If it was marked blue, I would hope it isn't white!
That's what I was thinking, but the OP said their splash chicks had spots when they first hatched, so I figured I was incorrect on that
I know as my splash silkie got older, her splash markings became more and more prominent, but I only got her when she was about a month or so old, so don't know exactly what she looked like as a chick.

On another note, my splash Ameraucanas hatched out completely white, and now have very nice splash markings
When I first saw them I thought, "well, that figures", but they have changed immensely over just a few weeks.

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