Is this splay leg or slipped tendons, and what can I do to help this chick?

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    Hey All!

    I was given a call by a friend of mine who works at a local school- seems that she was talking to one of the teachers there and he said he had a chick that hatched in the egg hatching classroom project that couldn't walk. I agreed to take her in, thinking it was a simple case of splay leg. When I got the chick, it did seem like splay leg, only the worst case I have seen. I took the chick home, and did the whole vet wrap strip on the legs thing- That seemed to do the trick as after doing that the chick started to be able to move on its own, but I'm noticing a week later, if and when I take the bandage off- the chick's legs aren't really that much better and can't really walk too well. Its only a bit better in that the legs are not totally splay as they were her first day.

    In reading more about this, I found some articles on slipped tendons. I'm not sure if this is what I have here or not. So I need help... Also, can I help this chick when she is two weeks old? Here are some photos of her condition taken very recently (about 3 days ago)....





    She can hobble around with the leg brace on, but it doesn't seem to be healing up as well as what I remember for splay leg. I remember treating a chick years ago with it- and if I remember correctly, it only took about a week until I could remove the bandage/brace.

    Can anyone help me with this poor chick? Even with the brace on, it is difficult for her to walk around. She mostly stays on her belly. Its also obviously uncomfortable for her. I don't want to cull her as I've put in a lot of effort and time already and had promised I'd get her on the mend again soon.

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