Is this Sweet rooster’s behavior normal?


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Sep 7, 2020
I have had many chickens in the past and have had some mean roosters and some okay roosters but I have never EVER had a rooster as sweet as my Eagle. We got him as a chick from Tractor Supply he is a year a half now and has fathered many chicks. Sweet and simple- he is my favorite 🥰

I have always loved seeing him behave- every once in a while when he sees one of his ladies in a nest box he goes and sits beside her as if he is there for support! 🥺😍 When she is done laying it’s as if he celebrates with her and joins her in the whole “clucking after laying” noises.🥳 But today he threw me off… he was sitting on the nest and making noises as if he was wanting to lay an egg.

Is this normal? Something that came to mind was that I do give the chickens laying pellets along with the feed…could that have something to do with his behavior and should I be giving him something different? I make sure I keep the oyster shells away from him but I honestly never thought about him eating the laying pellets till today.


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