Is this the ordered EE, or 'free mystery rare breed'?


9 Years
May 31, 2010
I ordered, among other breeds, some EE's, which I know can vary a lot in appearance. All the other breeds in this shipment were black, spare one dark Brahma and that's featherfooted. So the only other thing this chick *might* be is the "free mystery rare breed" that McMurrays includes (OR it could be a non-rare "packing peanut")

She is approximetly 3 weeks old and looks like she is having a "bad hairday" Uhm, I mean "bad feather day", lol.

Any guesses if this looks like a specific other breed? If it doesn't look like any other specific breed they carry, then I feel I can assume its my EE.


Bigger image at:

Sure looks like an EE to me. The chipmunk patterning, willow green legs, and puffy cheeks are all really good clues. Hope you like her...I LOVE mine!
Oh I hope so! I only ordered a couple EEs, and most of the ordered died, so I thought it likely we lost them

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