Is This VA Law True?


12 Years
Dec 27, 2007
I called a man today that has a chicken farm in Goochland, VA. He said that if I were to buy chicks, it's a VA law that you have to buy at least 6 so that they'll keep each other warm, I guess on their way to their new home. Has anyone in VA heard this before? Is this true?
Thanks AussieSharon! I was a little suspicious, but I guess it is so. BTY, my name is Sharon too!
GREAT name!! Margaret will be posting more info about a swap on April 12th in Sussex County. Maybe if you don't want 6 you could bring the extras.

I'm a little confused as to how they can make sure people sell in quantaties of 6 or more, especially when I'm in Powhatan and I can get just 1 chick from my feedstore.

Well there must be somthing to it. I just called the Tractor Supply store in Midlothian and they said min purchase of chicks is 6
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See you got your answer..
even at the auctions any chicks or ducklings 8 wks or younger have to be sold in lots of 6....
I agree, how can that be regulated? Anyway, the closest Tractor Supply to me is in Mechanicsville and they are not getting their chicks until next week, MAYBE. They really don't know when they're coming or what hatchery is sending them. At least the girl I talked to didn't know.
I'd love the info. on the swap/meet in April!
What breed are you wanting? I talked to Margaret early today and she was waiting on a call for the final details of the swap meet. I'm sure she will post as soon as she knows.

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