Is this what bumblefoot should look like after nonsurgical scab removal?


Jul 6, 2017
Hey, so, I have a hen without toes (frostbite 2 winters ago) and she has developed bumblefoot on both feet. I've been taking care of her most severe foot and since I've been soaking her and cleaning her feet, that's when I noticed the scab on this foot. She showed no symptoms. Today I removed the scab and am wondering if this is what it should look like. It bled some and I believe some pus came out.

I would compare it to her other foot when I removed the scab but it wasn't exactly a typical bumblefoot.



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You have to make sure ALL the infection is removed. Soak in warm epsom salt water for 20 minutes. Then squeeze the tar out of the footpad to get all the infection out even if it bleeds. When you think it's removed, squeeze it again and sop up the blood with a paper towel and squeeze some more. When you have a clean hole, you'll know all the infection has been removed. Then flush the hole with betadine, then pack it with neosporin and put a gauze over it and wrap it up with duct tape, not too tight.
Cut thin strips to go between the toes.

Then 3 days later remove the duct tape using scissors to gently cut vertically down the leg in order to peel off the duct tape to inspect the wound. It should be healing without swelling and redness. If there's either, you've got to start all over, it means there's still infection in the footpad that needs to be removed. Soak it first for 20 minutes in warm epsom salt water to help draw out the infection.

If there's no swelling nor redness, apply betadine and neosporin again, cover with gauze and wrap it up with duct tape as before. Wait 4 days and remove everything and the footpad will be completely healed.

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