Is this Wry Neck? Or anything else?

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Nov 10, 2012
About 2 weeks ago we got 6 red layers to keep in our backyard. One is moving her neck in spastic "S" movements and sleeps more often then the others. We noticed this several days ago, and there doesn't seem to have been much change in her behaviour during that time. She is still eating and drinking alright, runs about with the others, but I'm very worried about her!

We'd love some advice!

Here is a youtube video of her:
Sorry the video was stretched out horizontally on my iPad so I had difficulty seeing the problem. Possibly her crop? Is it soft and squishy or hard?
Thanks Smoochie,
I checked her crop. It does seem to be the fullest of all the hens. It wasn't obviously harder, perhaps a bit more taut than the others. I didn't push very hard though in order to really get a feel. This is our first time with chickens and I wasn't sure how invasive I could be.
Would a problem with her crop make her make jerky 'S' motions with her head and neck? And make her dozier than the others?
Here is another video, unfortunately it is stretched as well, not sure how to fix that:
It is a short occurrence. Sometimes she goes at it much longer, and dozes or closes her eyes during. The motions don't seem entirely voluntary.
It's not wry neck nor gapeworm. Most likely there's something stuck in her throat or crop. Give her an eyedropperful of olive oil orally. Then gently massage downward from her neck to her crop. She will either pass or puke whatever is stuck.
One other remote possibility and it might be due to the video. The way her head and neck is "hunched in" towards her body, could possibly indicate capillary worms in her crop. Flubenvet, albendazole and fenbendazole will take care of capillary worms.
I'm leaning towards something stuck in the throat or crop or she could be simply adjusting her crop as well.
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My rooster did this a lot when he was younger I was worried at first, but he was just adjusting he's crop. Not sure if that's what's going on with yours but it sure looks the same.
Thanks All,
Our most immediate fears are assuaged. We'll just keep an eye on her as long as she is eating and drinking fine. If it doesn't clear up in another week we'll attempt to help her out as you suggest dawg53.
Hi Again!
So its definitely been sour crop this whole time. We embarked successfully on our first session of head down crop massaging and she managed to get a bunch of liquid out. We'll keep doing this periodically until she seems recovered. Our question is what should we be feeding her during this time? On the internet there is a lot of talk of Apple Cider Vinegar and Yoghurt - but some say Yay and some say Nay. What are your thoughts?

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